Time Management. 5 Ways to Do More with Less.

Time is life’s most valuable resource. It never replenishes and never accumulates. Instead of delving into a drawn out justification, let’s fast forward to the part where we all agree and share ways to get the most out of life.

Morning Routine.

Decreasing the number of decisions you have to make each morning frees up mental space and allows for better choices throughout the day. Things like wakeup time, outfit, breakfast, etc. can be planned in advance. When properly orchestrated, mornings run like clockwork and hours are added to your schedule each week.


Group like things and execute together. Emails, meetings, phone calls are the simplest things to batch and can allow for more deliberate focus time throughout the day. Minutes are wasted each time we switch between tasks so dialing in and tackling like tasks at once keeps us more efficient and less wasteful.

Disable Push Notifications.

No red circles means fewer things calling your attention. Own your phone, don’t let it own you. This habit, combined with batching, allows you to choose when to engage certain tasks and prevents your schedule from being hijacked.

Schedule ‘do-not-disturb’.

The iPhone allows you to schedule time each day when your phone switches to ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. This means only those marked in your phone as ‘favorite’ can reach you during those times. Scheduling this an hour or two before the end of your work day allows you to ‘land the plane’ without last minute requests that can ruin your evening. Likewise, it allows you to dictate when your workday starts, which is part of a healthy morning routine.

Trade time for money.

There are never enough hours in the day which is why it is important to optimize each hour. In many cases, mundane tasks can be outsourced at a fraction of the time and energy it costs you. For example, local dry cleaners will wash and iron 10 dress shirts for about $11. Assuming the task would take me 2–3 hours each Saturday, I could get a part-time job working minimum wage and still come out ahead. Other obvious areas include housecleaning, yard work, and other household maintenance.

Love the thrill of optimizing your schedule? Shoot me an email with what you do that’s most helpful. morgan@polarnotion.dev

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