The Effectively Human Way

What does ‘effectively human’ really mean?

Though playfully put, being ‘effectively human’ captures the tension of programing cold, rigid machines for living, breathing people. Efficiency and productivity are important, but aren’t the goal.

The goal is to amplify human experiences.

The distinction for us is more than semantics. We aren’t hackers, coders, or programmers. We are engineers. We are problem solvers. Design and development are merely tools we use to execute our vision, on our clients behalf.

To us, clients are co-creators, not a meal ticket. Our team members are people, not resources.

Technology isn’t the solution to humanity, it’s a compliment to it. We communicate with computers, but make no mistake, the beauty in our work is absent without the people we do it with.

Immersed in a world of computers, we proudly speak on behalf of humanity.

Our hope is to help mark this path with our experience, our learnings, our stories, and the things we’ve already tried so you don’t have to.

Learn more about what being Effectively Human is, here.

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