Opt-in October

It’s October 1st at Effectively Human and according to our Atlanta weather we’ve officially entered a new season. We are buckling down with a warm cup of coffee and taking a look at our own most effective 20%. In doing so, we are more and more convinced to build out the resource that is, Effectively Human. We’re expanding this site for innovative professionals who’ve decided to enter tech in every way except the front door (like us). That being said, we thought we’d release a few valuable posts this month as a part of a series called Opt-in October.

Opt-in October can look exactly how you want it to. Opting in to learning a new language? Opting in to committing to the job search? Or simply opting in to believing you can make it in tech? We are behind you. This month we will release a series of posts to help frame your path for the highest likelihood of success. From time management to mentorship-consider these posts your “Committing to Progress” starter pack.

So, stay tuned. If you’re not already, opt-into our newsletter, too.

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