A Culture of Mentorship

My career as a software engineer began with a single phrase, “Hey, I’d like to show you something”.

The phrase was uttered by, at the time, a mere acquaintance who was looking over my shoulder at the rudimentary websites I was building. Excited about the opportunity to improve my skills, I eagerly accepted his invitation to share his expertise. This led to months of late nights, early mornings, and impromptu meet-ups.

A single dollar never changed hands.

His leadership and guidance provoked a single request, “Go and do likewise.”

This gesture of generosity and selflessness has shaped the way we hire, teach, and develop our team. From our first team member to the current apprentice, we seek to embody the same philosophy that changed my life so many years ago; learn then lead.

At the core it’s quite simple:

  • Everyone has a mentor. Someone pouring into them.
  • Everyone has a peers. Someone pushing them.
  • Everyone has a mentee. Some they’re pouring into.

If you work with a business and this style of mentorship interests you, I’ve been working with my mentor, who I now consider a dear friend, to refine our process and give away our findings. Shoot me an email, morgan@polarnotion.dev

Originally posted on Medium.

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